Renewable Energy

BORG’s Renewable Energy Solutions has seen remarkable growth in the past 12 months. The Borg’s Astra Series of renewable energy power inverters offer best-in-class performance and reliability along with a global customer care package. BORG has also made heavy investment in American manufacturing by recently opening two manufacturing centers in Houston and Texas.

Power Solutions

BORG is one of the largest power supply manufacturers in the world and has a long history of providing leading edge, innovative power solutions. BORG’s revolutionized power conversion through the introduction of digital power and is an industry leader embracing the Climate Saver Initiative by introducing Platinum-level efficiency front ends for the datacom market.

Global Standards

BORG’s smart grid is the outcome of sustained Research and Development to deliver uninterrupted power supply and to save electricity. Borg’s product is not a typical solar off-grid system which works as a power back-up unit, rather it generates power from solar and utilizes only the differential current from the grid apart from being a power back-up unit.

powerA World Leader in Energy Efficient Power Solutions 

BORG is based on the idea of providing solar energy solutions for a sustainable future for both here at home and around the world. Borg is proud to be an alternative provider of energy solutions. Our main goal is to supply renewable, clean, solar energy for reasonable prices to individuals and industrial companies. We strive to educate people in the use of solar energy and help them contribute minimizing the effect of greenhouse gases and make a difference in the global climate.Advantages of Using Solar Power

Advantages of Using Solar Power

Solar energy is becoming continually more cost effective to produce, as technology advances increase, as well as rising costs of traditional fossils fuels. Solar energy is generally free of pollution and benefits the environment. After the initial setup, solar operations are nearly maintenance free. Solar power is available to half the world at any given time. Solar power can also be considered a local energy resource, due to variations in climate.

Environmental pollution is a major factor in health problems for millions of people. When our natural resources like, clean air and water are reduced due to contamination by burning fossil fuels, we all suffer. Solar energy is clean, quiet and produces absolutely no water or air pollution. It is completely renewable and inexhaustible and does not create any hazardous waste products to harm the environment. Best of all, once the solar system is installed, there is little or no maintenance or further cost to the owner .Borg is a well known, renewable energy company in Houston, Texas. As industry leaders in the field of Smart Grid Technology along with projects across North America, South Africa, Europe, and Asia promoting alternative energy. We are proud to the world’s best contributor for renewable energy.

solarpanelBorg continues to meet the demands of consumers and businesses working to reduce the “carbon footprint” in our environment. As a renewable energy company, we offer state of the art technology and equipment to make energy resources available to our customers, while simultaneously protecting the environment we live in for future generations. We manufacture the highest quality Monocrystalline Solar Modules and Polycrystalline Solar Modules.

People often ask us how does solar energy work, and what can it do for me? Solar energy is the practice of collecting sunlight from specially designed solar panels, that is converted to useable energy for homes and businesses. Solar energy is also able to convert thermal energy in the form of heat to warm areas in homes, pools or building structures. Rather than use foreign oil or tap into dwindling fossil fuel supplies, solar power is a renewable and free resource. The advantages the customers gain from using solar energy solutions is lower heating costs, and low maintenance. The environment benefits tremendously as well. It is estimated that by using solar energy, the carbon dioxide emissions over the period of a year in our area alone are reduced by thousands of pounds! This amount is the same as keeping 200-300 cars off the roadways entirely.

We are proud to be able to supply clean, efficient solar energy to your home or business, as well as industrial customers. You can choose whether you would like solar panels for your home needs, or an industrial solar system to provide renewable energy for your business needs.

We are pleased to able to provide top quality solar panels and related equipment as well as full service and routine maintenance of the products. Our domestic power system is an ideal way for the homeowner to save money and enjoy clean solar energy in the home. Our most popular business model is the Borg Commercial Ranger series, which many business owners prefer. We use only the highest quality materials to manufacture our solar energy products for peak performance and durability.

To make the process painless and hassle free, we offer free consultation, solar analysis and site assessment. Then we provide rebate forms, and take care of all required building and utility permits. Our professional staff is available to answer questions, explore all avenues when it comes to your home or business energy needs. We believe that our customers are our priority and always come first.